Phorge Makerspace Super Derby

Remember when you were a kid, or an adult helping a kid with the classic pinewood derby? You were given a block of wood, and created a derby car with wheels and wieghts to send flying down a track? Phorge Makerspace is teaming up with schools and the community to put a modern twist on […]

Member Build: Augmented Reality Sandbox

This member build includes a very impressive Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox. The project was led by Phorge Makerspace member, Tim Koenig. Tim sourced materials and funds from the community to make the project a success, and donated the finished sandbox, to another Sheridan non-profit, 307 Discovery Center. Check out the slideshow below for details of […]

Intro to 3D Printing Class

Phorge recently held one of their first events at the Sheridan library on 3D Printing. Brady Adams, of Phorge, presented the basics of 3D Printing for Fusion Deposition Modeling (FDM) printers. Nearly 30 people, of all ages, attended the event, where they learned how to take an idea and 3D print it using TinkerCAD and Cura. Whether you attended the […]

Phorge: A New Sheridan Non-Profit

By Rustin Burr on Tue 08/28/2018 10:46am Posted in  Recently, Sheridan County became home to a new non-profit organization named Phorge. The group’s basic goal is to get people that love to create things the skills, tools, and space needed to make their visions a reality….

Phorge Makerspace aims to connect, educate

SHERIDAN — Steve Butler and Spencer Kuzara met about three years ago through a mutual interest in computer programming. They began discussing ideas and occasionally worked together on projects. Throughout their conversations, an idea emerged. Butler and Kuzara wanted more people to learn about and work together on technology and also to spread the word […]

Phorge Makerspace Is Here

Kevin Knapp | Outliers News POSTED ON MAY 16, 2018 (Sheridan, Wyo) Wyoming STEM Lab announced at their meeting on Monday that they now have non-profit status and have rebranded as Phorge Makerspace. The group describes themselves as a, “… community-operated group, where people who share their interest in tinkering and building can meet to […]